Unlimited capacity for more freshness

Refrigerators are electrical devices that maintain the coldness of both raw and cooked meals. They employ a very low temperature to maintain the coldness of the food and beverages. They vaporize cold air into the refrigerator using a compressor, which has the tendency to force hot air out of the appliance.

There are typically numerous compartments, and each has a distinct purpose. Vegetables that are hard and green are kept in separate containers. There are separate sections for dairy products, unseasoned leftovers, and seasoned items.

Walton Non-frost refrigerators have big storage spaces, which will allow you to store more food and keep them fresh and healthy for a long time.

Non-frost refrigerator with unlimited capacity

As its name implies, the Non-frost Refrigerator doesn’t cause food to become frosty on the outside. This crucial function makes sure the food is always fresh by preventing freezer burn.

Foods that are injured in the freezer develop a condition called freezer burn. You won’t have to worry about freezer burn or manually defrosting your food if you buy a non-frost refrigerator. The Direct Cool Refrigerator does not have this special feature.

Strong cold air circulation lowers the humidity level in the freezer compartment, preventing frost on the food and ice buildup on the freezer walls. It offers the refrigerator compartment ideal conditions for food storage. Appropriately controlling each process in the two parts of the appliance leads to optimal cooling and freezing management.

No matter the refrigerator you choose to buy, it is crucial to have enough storage for your needs. A large refrigerator storage area will be useful because you can keep all of your food, including fruits, vegetables, and other perishables, fresh for a long period. Walton refrigerators make the most use of available storage, allowing you to conveniently store all of your necessary items.

Here are some of the additional features other than unlimited storage space for non-frost refrigerators:

  • Don’t defrost the freezer any longer.
  • Food that is frozen won’t stick together as well.
  • quality frozen food
  • greater exposure to the content
  • More space
  • Between the refrigerator and freezer compartments, there is no odor transmission.
  • Food that is still fresh won’t dry out and will last longer.

Why is refrigerator capacity important?

Capacity is a very important factor to consider when buying a new refrigerator. However, refrigerator capacity consists of more than just cubic feet. Remember that making the most of the space in your fridge will ultimately depend on your organizational prowess and capacity to move to shelve.

Most refrigerators have completely adjustable shelving, which is great for storing bigger items over the holidays.

You can also follow some simple organization suggestions in addition to adjustable shelving to reduce the amount of food clutter.

You can store more prepared dishes and leftovers, as well as the family’s favorite fresh items like meat, dairy, and fruit when you switch to a larger capacity home refrigerator. If you have a large family, having more storage space will help you keep plenty for everyone while keeping more necessities on hand. You can store food in a large refrigerator to reduce the number of trips to the grocery shop. It’s time to replace your old refrigerator with a bigger one when it can no longer accommodate your family’s needs in terms of storage space.

Walton’s nonfrost refrigerators will cater to any of your capacity needs so that you can store as much food as you want and keep them fresh!

Benefit of having a refrigerator with more capacity

  • a look that is simpler. Simply because this design provides the kitchen a more consistent appearance, many people pick a refrigerator with a larger capacity. The refrigerator does not extend past the counter by a few inches.
  • easier access to the contents. It is considerably simpler to locate and get items out of a refrigerator with more space.
  • Less traffic congestion; improved traffic flow. When a refrigerator has standard depth, it will be deeper than the adjacent counter and cabinets and occasionally protrude into the main traffic area, which can lead to a form of traffic bottleneck in that kitchen area.
  • Since a counter-depth model will be broader than a standard depth unit of the same capacity, this occasionally enables storage of wide cold cut trays, something that may not be possible with a narrower fridge.

Walton Non-Frost Refrigerators in Bangladesh

The most reliable company in Bangladesh for improving your lifestyle is Walton. With its extensive product range, it has made the lives of individuals better and simpler. Walton is the top producer of premium freezers, refrigerators, and air conditioners, and it is rapidly extending its product line to include televisions and other home and electrical appliances.

Our appliances include cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing a durable, excellent, and user-friendly experience. The most well-known refrigerator and freezer brand on the market for a very long time is Walton Refrigerator. It is without a doubt Bangladesh’s top refrigerator brand. In Bangladesh, Walton Fridge provides a large selection of refrigerator models and categories. Walton is the most dependable refrigerator brand in Bangladesh because of this.

A frost-free refrigerator provides a lot of storage space so you can store everything you need without worrying about running out of room.

The use of intelligent inverter technology rewards you with optimal power savings and clever temperature stabilization. A BLDC inverter compressor is the one in use. The refrigerator’s computerized temperature control and automated defrosting technology. All of the copper in the condenser and the capillary. Cyclopentene serves as the blowing agent for polyurethane foam (Eco-friendly).

There are 5 freezer compartments in addition to 4 refrigerator compartments. Five glass shelves, four bottle pockets, an egg tray, and a vegetable crisper make up the refrigerator’s divisions. An icebox, an ice case, five glass shelves, and a drawer make up the freezer divisions. Both compartments include an inside LED lamp. These storage spaces are ample to keep all of your food fresh for a long time.

The metal cooling system maintains the cold for a longer time, enabling improved preservation. It enables uniform cooling of all the contents of your refrigerator. The Eco Program can preserve energy while keeping the house at a pleasant temperature during times of infrequent use or absence. It still satisfies the requirements while conserving a lot of energy.

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