Top 50 double burner gas burner HOB brands in the world

A good stove should be simple to use, deliver rapid heat, and respond to even little temperature changes – which is why many people choose gas hobs.

The greatest gas hobs provide a degree of control and customization that may take your cooking to the next level, and they don’t have to be expensive. Unlike other types of hobs, being able to watch the flames expand and diminish as you adjust the knobs is reassuring — it’s a fantastic visual aid that makes adjusting cooking temperatures more straightforward.

Furthermore, gas hobs are extremely responsive: the heat reduces as soon as the flame is reduced, providing you the ability to rapidly stop pans from boiling over or catch something before it starts to burn.

You’d be excused for believing that a gas hob is just a lit gas flame, but they come in a variety of sizes and types. We’ve compiled a list of the best gas hobs for a variety of budgets and kitchens.

1. Walton double burner gas HOB
Each igniter includes a tempered glass top panel with a stunning and distinctive appearance that may be auto-ignited 35000 to 55000 times depending on the model. The burners are built in such a way that speedier cooking is possible.

2. Hisense GM663XB 60cm Stainless Steel Gas Hob
You don’t have to settle for the most basic model available just because you’re on a budget. This Hisense four-burner stove is reasonably priced and comes with a lot of features.

3. Smeg Classic PX364L 60cm Stainless Steel Gas Hob
Despite the fact that this Smeg stove is a typical 60cm four-burner hob, it features a unique arrangement that is both functional and elegant

4. Neff N70 T26CA42SO Black Gas Hob
This Neff hob features an appealing modern appearance that will complement contemporary kitchens, with a sleek black gas-on-glass structure and four independent cast iron pan supports.

5. Leisure Patricia Urquiola PHIPD75222ST 73cm Stainless Steel Gas Hob
This is a mid-size five-burner gas stove that, for the price, has an incredibly sophisticated design.

6. Siemens IQ0500 EC9A5SB90 92cm Stainless Steel Gas Hob
This five-burner gas stove is one of the largest we’ve seen, with lots of room for cooking. The huge wok burner has a 5kW power rating, which means it has a lot of punch and can provide a lot of heat.

7. Prestige marvel glass top 4 burner gas stove
This brand’s 4-burner gas stove is fantastic in every regard, including safety, performance, and appearance. It is purposefully designed to be compact in order to save counter space.

8. Sunflame GT pride glass top 4 burner gas stove
With a toughened glass cook-top surface and spill-proof construction, Sunflame is an ancient and well-known gas stove brand, and this 4-burner gas stove is one of the best on the market.

9. Lifelong glass top 3 burner gas stove
Customers may use a range of tiny and large utensils without clashing on the Lifelong Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove because of its appealing design and enough space.

10. Elica vetro glass top 3 burner gas stove
Elica Vetro’s gas stove has a lovely black finish that looks great with the countertop and kitchen chimney. This rust-resistant glass top is polished to a high standard and delivers long-lasting performance in every situation.

Designed to fit flush into your kitchen benchtop, this Fisher & Paykel 90cm Natural Gas Cooktop provides plenty of space for families and households that love to cook.

The gas HOB from Siemens looks fabulous and offers precise flame control in nine steps.

Achieve perfect cooking results with this gas HOB from Bosch-it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best choices out there.

14. Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite Backline Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove
Pigeon’s Stovekraft Favourite Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove is one of their top-of-the-line products. It includes a simple user interface, a sleek design, and a rotating nozzle that rotates 360 degrees.

15. Glen Open 2 Burner Glass Gas Stove 1020 GT
With its appealing appearance and practical functions, this gas stove blends seamlessly into your kitchen. To begin, this gas stove features two tri-pin brass burners that provide a consistent and equal flame distribution.

16. NOAH Built-In 7mm Tempered Glass Gas Stove with Auto Ignition
If you want to make your kitchen look the most stylish and unique, then this gas stove is the perfect one for you. Not only it got great looks, but rather the service is also up to the mark.

17. Sharif Double Burner Auto Gas Stove
This gas stove is the perfect match for you. This company never compromises with their service and quality of the product. The glass top is 8mm. The burner cap is removable.

18. Omera Stainless Steel Auto Double Burner NG stove
Do you want to buy a well-guaranteed gas stove within a small budget? Then this is the gas stove that you need for yourself. This stove offers two years of warranty.

19. Omera Stainless Steel Auto Double Burner Gas stove: ODB 209-NG
Omera has a comprehensive collection of gas stoves for us. All of their gas stoves are of high quality, with two years of warranty.

This gas stove is another player in the game. Along with the price, the product is good.

21. RFL Double Auto Glass Gas Stove Elegant NG/LPG
If you are a lover of elegance, then this is something for you. This gas stove is so elegant in its look. It is a double glass stove, making it so strong.

22. GE Adora JGB735
It has a stronger pair of power burners than you usually see, both situated in the front row where they’re easy to reach, covered with continuous grates.

23. Frigidaire Gallery GCRG3060A
The Frigidaire Gallery GCRG3060A’s build quality is almost as good as the GE Adora’s, and it comes with a third oven rack and a number pad for easy oven operation.

24. Whirlpool WFG320M0BS
If you just need a cheap stove that works, the Whirlpool WFG320M0B has the best balance of features for a low price.

25. GE Profile PGB960
We recommend the GE Profile PGB960 if you want a double-oven range. It contains the greatest cooking capabilities we’ve seen on any freestanding range, including the most powerful cooktop we’ve seen.

26. XtremepowerUS Deluxe Propane Gas Range Stove 2 Burner Stainless Steel Cooktop
A portable double stove is great for using outdoors, campsite, hunting lodge, cabin, work, and office as well. This propane cooktop is ideal to use in small apartments or dorm rooms

27. TTLIFE gas cooktop
Made of iron material, durable and compact. Universal size will fit most hobs.

28. Ovente electric single infrared burner
Unlike induction cooktops, this countertop burner works well with all types of cookware.

29. Impex two burner gas stove
This two burner gas stove has a glass top with a thickness with 7mm and a superior powder coated body. This gas stove is also corrosion resistant.

30. Rizco BHS Grand 515 gas burner
The burners of this gas stove come with robust enamelled support that can accommodate large and heavy vessels with ease.

31. Midea BHS vintage 702 gas burner
750*430*0.7mm stainless Steel non-magnetic. Two heavy brass burner HC-008, Brass Burner cap :235g

32. Sencor SCP2263BK double cooker
Two-plate ceramic hob. Helper for a cottage or vacation.

33. GEEPAS gas burner
These gas stoves are made from high-quality stainless steel which is easy to maintain and long-lasting. Made out of a stainless steel frame and tray, these gas stoves are not only sturdy but also look good.

Rizco, with its innovative and good-looking kitchen appliances, has been revolutionizing the kitchen. Rizco 2-burner built-in hob is no exception to this. This hob an ideal amalgamation of sleek design, style and utility with performance.

They have mainly been created in China mainland. There are 2 foci. The panel is created of stainless steel.

36. Butterfly smart glass 3 burner gas stove
This elegant gas stove from Butterfly comes with a toughened glass top that is shatter-proof. The stove features quality burners.

37. Milton premium 2 burner black manual ignition gas stove
This gas stove comes with a premium finish 6mm toughened black glass top which offers a rust resistance texture while delivering long lasting performance.

38. Thermador Toughened ISI Certified 3 Brass Burner Glass Gas Stove
Combining elegance with highly efficient brass burners along with a shatterproof black design glass top, Thermador gives you a product best suited for your kitchen.

39. BlowHot Jasper Heavy Brass 3 Burner Gas Stove Piezo Auto Ignition
Accompanied by a toughened glass top to make it suitable for cooking, this cooktop is designed to be durable and seamlessly fit on the kitchen countertop all the while enhancing the looks and feel of your kitchen.

40. Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove
The prestige gas stove has a spill proof design that ensure a hassle-free cooking experience.

41. Lifelong LLGS18 Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove
Designed to make the cooking process convenient, safe and efficient. This gas stove is specially engineered to avoid any gas leakage.

42. Prestige Magic 4 Burner Gas Stove
The prestige gas stove has a spill proof design that ensure a hassle-free cooking experience.

43. Elica PRO FB MFC 4B 70 DX FFD
Its premium quality black glass finish gives a modish look to your new kitchen. It has high quality knobs which are smooth to turn.

44. Elica Flexi Pro FB 3B 75 MT DX
It comes with a luxurious finish which gives a royal look to your kitchen. It comes with round-shaped metallic knobs.

45. Prestige Gold Hob top 4 Burner Al-PHTG 04
This Prestige 4 Burner gas hob top is an e-Hobtop gold series version of the company. It comes with ultra slim body and gracefully designed SCHOTT glass top of German technology with lifetime warranty.

46. Kaff FBB 604 hob
In India, Kaff is the most well-known and finest hob brand. It provides appliances in a variety of price ranges, ranging from low-cost built-in hobs to hobs with complex capabilities, making the buyer’s selection easy.

47. Kaff top model built-in hob
Your luxurious kitchen needs a luxury hob. This Kaff high range best 4 burner hob in India is undoubtedly a luxury in itself. It comes with decorative stainless steel molded strip on all sides for edge protection.

48. Faber built-in gas hobs
Faber is a well known synonym of quality and best gas stove brand in India. Toughened black glass finish and additional features make it a world class appliance.

49. Bosch built-in gas hob (Model- POH6B6B10I)
Bosch is like a leader of kitchen appliances and has its own name. POH6B6B10I is an elegant model with high performance and safety features.

50. Samsung NX60T8711SS/AA
The Samsung NX60T8711SS/AA slides in between two cabinets giving you an upscale built-in look. As the controls are up front, they’re easy to use without reaching across the stovetop.

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