The role of sewing machines is many to keep the economic growth

All the garment parts are linked and sewed sequentially after being received from the cutting department. Naturally, every component is sewn to meet the needs of the consumer.

The sewing portion is the most crucial division in the clothing production sector. To assemble the clothing, a vertical line of various sewing machines is set up. The order of the assembling activities determines the layout of the different types of sewing machines.

Our country is heavily dependent on the garments industry for foreign currencies and exporting business. Thus sewing machines play a very important role to keep the wheels of the economy rolling efficiently.

Walton cares about the economy of Bangladesh, and so Walton has been manufacturing and providing the best quality sewing machines to the clients regularly and actively contributing to the economic growth of the country.

What is a sewing machine?

Sewing machines are amazing devices that cut down on the amount of time needed to stitch by hand. They are to blame for the modern clothes industry’s efficiency and productivity.

In general, cloth materials are joined with thread using a sewing machine. Although sewing machines are frequently specialized, you can be able to sew lighter textiles like cotton and lace or heavier fabrics like leather, denim, and quilts depending on the sewing machine you use.

Sewing machines are tools that are typically used to stitch thread through a cloth or other materials. Most of the clothing we wear is made by sewing machines. Previously, this task was completed manually with the use of hands and a needle and thread. Since sewing machines were introduced, manufacturing clothes has been easier. Along with clothing, industrial sewing machines are used to make shoes, bags, parachutes, car seats, travel packages, sofas, and more.

Types of sewing machines used in the garment industry

  1. Manual Sewing Machine

The term “manual sewing machine” refers to a sewing machine that is typically operated manually by the operator. Although these machines are inexpensive and simple to use, they are not ideal for the garment industry’s large-scale production. because compared to other automated sewing machines, their production is slow. Therefore, it is always preferred at home or in a tailor shop.

  1. Electric Sewing machine

Sewing machines that are typically powered by electricity are referred to as electrical sewing machines. These sewing machines are a tad pricey but ideal for mass production in the clothing sector. Some of them are outfitted with the technology. That automatically constructed, the pre-formatted sewing machine will work continuously as per your instructions. Because of its great productivity, garment makers favor it.

Walton sewing machine features

Walton manufactures high-efficient electric sewing machines with diverse features for them to be utilized in the garments and apparel industry.

  • twelve pre-built stitch designs.
  • Unmanned bobbin Winder
  • easy-to-use thread cutter.
  • holing buttons in four steps.
  • built-in handle for simple carrying.
  • streamlined presser foot
  • Sewing in both directions.
  • thread tension knob with adjustment.
  • modified the stitch length.
  • electronic gadget for controlling speed.
  • Both flatbed and cylinder-type sewing are possible with the free-arm design.
  • The stitching area is illuminated by an integrated LED light.
  • with buttonholing attachments.

Sewing machines for economic growth

Our economic success is largely due to the ready-made garment (RMG) industry, which accounts for 84 percent of Bangladesh’s exports and makes it one of the top garment exporters in the world today. This is the result of the industry’s explosive development and modernization over the past ten years, as well as the progress it has achieved in enhancing working conditions for the nation’s four million or more garment employees.

A key part of Bangladesh’s economy has been played by the garment industry since the late 1980s. Each year, the sector’s importance in creating jobs and acquiring foreign money rises.

The second-largest apparel sector in the world is now based in Bangladesh. In terms of exporting all types of clothing, we are behind China. A recent trend in the entire world is ready-made clothing. Twenty percent of Bangladesh’s GDP comes from it.

Bangladesh is now the second-largest exporter of clothing in the world thanks to the explosive growth of its textile and apparel sector over the past ten years. The fast-expanding apparel industry generates up to 20% of Bangladesh’s GDP, more than any other secondary industrial sector, and together with other clothing exports, accounts for up to 81% of the nation’s export revenues. Bangladesh’s clothing industry is driving the nation’s economic expansion.

The majority of Bangladeshi ready-to-wear is divided into two broad categories: additionally woven and weave products. Underwear, socks, stockings, T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweaters, and other casual and delicate clothing items are the most important sewing supplies, whereas shirts, jackets, and pants are the main woven products. Nevertheless, the availability of sewn articles of clothing items has been growing since the mid-1990s, when woven articles of clothing items overtook the nation’s piece of clothing trade income. More than 52% of the total revenue from RMG shipments in the country is currently made up of woven goods.

Sewing machines are heavily used to bulk-produce woven clothing items in our garments factories. Thus our garment manufacturing process is heavily dependent on sewing machines. A supply of best-quality sewing machines to garment factories can maximize textile production to a great extent and boost economic growth.

Choose Walton Sewing machines for boosting economic growth

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