The 619-liter capacity Walton Refrigerator has so much space that you can keep the monthly market and weekly market together

All one desires while designing their living space in the twenty-first century is accessibility and comfort stylishly. Storage is unquestionably the most critical and essential element of all the items designed for one’s living room, bedroom, and kitchen to make living more pleasant. The ┬áSame goes for when you are stocking up your refrigerator for your weekly and monthly groceries, the more capacity your fridge holds the better performance you will get.

No matter the refrigerator you choose to buy, it is crucial to have enough storage for your needs. A large refrigerator storage area will be useful because you can keep all of your food, including fruits, vegetables, and other perishables, fresh for a long period. Walton refrigerators make the most use of available storage, allowing you to conveniently store all of your necessary items.

Importance of storage space in refrigerators

Refrigerators are electrical devices that maintain the coldness of both raw and cooked meals. They employ a very low temperature to maintain the coldness of the food and beverages. They vaporize cold air into the refrigerator using a compressor, which tends to force hot air out of the appliance.

There are typically numerous compartments, and each has a distinct purpose. Vegetables that are hard and green are kept in separate containers. There are separate sections for dairy products, unseasoned leftovers, and seasoned items.

The majority of food items are perishable. Fruits, vegetables, and meats must be kept in cold storage since they are perishable. To keep food from rotting, even cooked food needs to be maintained in a chilly environment. Refrigerators are required for the storage of certain food items. The food doesn’t rot as quickly thanks to the refrigerators. The low temperature that refrigerators produce greatly inhibits the growth of germs.

There shouldn’t be too much food in the refrigerator. The food goods are not properly cooled if the appliance is overloaded since it prevents airflow. The appliance must be stored properly for other items. It’s crucial to store things properly to prevent bacterial growth. This aids in cutting down on food waste.

To properly accommodate the daily needs of your family, it is extremely important to choose a refrigerator with big storage space. By choosing the Walton WNI-6A9-GDSD-DD refrigerator with 619 Liter capacity, you can easily store your food and groceries on a monthly and weekly basis. The shelf spaces and interior storage system are designed in such a way that you will face no issues storing your groceries, be it your monthly market or weekly market.

Walton Non-Frost Refrigerators

As its name implies, the Non-frost Refrigerator doesn’t cause food to become frosty on the outside. This crucial function makes sure the food is always fresh by preventing freezer burn.

Foods that are injured in the freezer develop a condition called freezer burn. You won’t have to worry about freezer burn or manually defrosting your food if you buy a non-frost refrigerator. The Direct Cool Refrigerator does not have this special feature.

  • Electric fans are installed inside to keep it cool. The refrigerator’s inverter technology aids in energy conservation.
  • It is a cheap way to store food as a result. There are many different designs for refrigerators, such as those with double doors, triple doors, and side-by-side doors.
  • This refrigerator uses similar technology to that used in larger refrigerators. If you want to keep your food fresh for a very long period, this product is fantastic.
  • The automated defrosting system keeps the food fresher for longer. You can avoid having to do a routine cleaning inspection thanks to the buried coils. The best option for larger families is this.

Strong cold air circulation lowers the humidity level in the freezer compartment, preventing frost on the food and ice buildup on the freezer walls. It offers the refrigerator compartment ideal conditions for food storage. Appropriately controlling each process in the two parts of the appliance leads to optimal cooling and freezing management.

  • Don’t defrost the freezer any longer.
  • Food that is frozen won’t stick together as well.
  • quality frozen food
  • greater exposure to the content
  • More space
  • Between the refrigerator and freezer compartments, there is no odor transmission.
  • Food that is still fresh won’t dry out and will last longer.

WNI-6A9-GDSD-DD features

This model uses intelligent inverter technology, which rewards you with optimum power savings and clever temperature stabilization. This refrigerator uses a BLDC inverter compressor. The refrigerator’s computerized temperature control and automated defrosting technology. All of the copper in the condenser and the capillary. Cyclopentene serves as the blowing agent for polyurethane foam (Eco-friendly).

The metal cooling system of this refrigerator maintains the cold for a longer period, enabling improved preservation. It enables uniform cooling of all the contents of your refrigerator. The Eco Program can preserve energy while keeping the house at a pleasant temperature during times of infrequent use or absence. It still satisfies the requirements while conserving a lot of energy.

  • Non-Frost type
  • Free of HCFC: Cyclopentane
  • Volume Gross: 619 Ltr (V.0301)
  • 582 liters, net (V.0301)
  • Free of CFC: R600a
  • Utilizing the most recent intelligent inverter technology voltage regulator

Why choose Walton Refrigerators for the best storage system

In recent years, a brand-new form of refrigerator known as a “non-frost refrigerator” was developed. There are numerous Walton refrigerator models available, each with a unique set of features. With the 619 liter capacity of Walton refrigerators, storing your weekly and monthly groceries has become a lot easier.

Walton is the top refrigerator manufacturer in Bangladesh. Walton is known for consistently creating high-quality goods. A 12-month warranty is included with each piece of electrical equipment from Walton. Walton offers a wide range of products at various pricing points, so you have many possibilities. You won’t have to worry about various meals coming into contact with one another because each Walton refrigerator has unique features and compartments. The BSTI certification and 5-Star rating are present on every Walton refrigerator and freezer.

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