RoHS Certified Walton Cables keep both the environment and your home safe

Cables are everywhere around us, even when we’re not aware of it. Cables’ significance is undoubtedly hidden (or buried—in the walls), but it yet exists.

Cables are present everywhere. They assist us with the majority of our daily needs even if we cannot see them.

Several wires are running throughout our homes, carrying services such as data transmission, electricity, and others.

Large sections of cables are used to connect workplaces, hospitals, recreational areas, and even industrial settings. This is why it is extremely important to use safe cables in every sector.

Walton cables are RoHS Certified, hence you can be assured of maximum safety.

What is RoHS Certification?

RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. The European Union’s RoHS directive, also known as Directive 2002/95/EC, forbids the use of specific hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (known as EEE). All qualified products marketed in the EU after July 1, 2006, must comply with RoHS.

Reduced usage of hazardous chemicals in electrical and electronic equipment is the goal of EU Directive 2011/65. As of July 22, 2017, the RoHS standard will be applicable to all monitoring and control devices, including OTT devices and sensors. From this point forward, RoHS certification is required for all devices and sensors. As of July 22, RoHS must now be included in the CE statement.

No products may be marketed in the EU if they do not adhere to CE and RoHS regulations (and countries that are adapting to the EU-Directive). The only exceptions are spare parts and repair-related components.

Electrical and electronic device producers, retailers, and suppliers are required to abide by the numerous restrictions on hazardous substances that are relevant to their end market.

China, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Norway, and Turkey are other nations with laws that are similar to these. You can avoid breaking national and international laws governing restricted substances with the help of our chemical experts.

Tools like electrical and electronic appliances are of high quality thanks to the RoHS Certification Program.

Insulated wires covered in a protective covering are what make up cables. They are typically used for signal transmission of electrical and telecommunication nature.

Cables can be used to link two or more devices. To meet a variety of purposes, a wide variety of cables are offered. When we search, we frequently come across cables that are utilized to deliver electricity or energy.

Walton manufactures premium cables to ensure the best transmission. Pricing for electric cable is available on their website or in their showroom.

Walton Cable Features

  • These cables, which have a nominal voltage of up to 1000 V alternating current or up to 750 V direct current against the ground, are allowed for use in the inner wiring of machinery, distributors, and switchboards as well as as protective shielding against lightning strikes.
  • PVC (Skin coated) Insulated & Sheathed Single Core Cable: Appropriate for usage in nonmetallic conduit as well as fixed installations in dry or moist locations clipped directly to a surface or on a cable tray without an enclosure.
  • The PVC (Skin coated) Insulated FR-PVC sheathed Two Core Flat Cable is appropriate for fixed installations in dry or damp locations clipped directly to a surface or on an open cable tray, as well as for usage in nonmetallic conduit.
  • Insulated PVC Skin Coated PVC Sheathed Use a two- or three-core flexible cord on home appliances in covered, dry, steamy, and humid environments with less mechanical stress.
  • Skin-coated insulated PVC encased in FR-PVC Two core Flexible Flat Cable: Suitable for connections to mobile equipment in dry locations without mechanical stress.

Visit Walton to purchase these cables, which are of the highest quality and lowest cost.

Why Walton Cables are the safest?

You may get a decent bargain on cables from Walton, one of the top brands in Bangladesh. See why, will we?

First of all, if the construction is relevant, we will observe that they take precautions to ensure the insulation or dielectric is strong enough to withstand the service voltage and does not come into contact with the conductor with other things.

The sheath is employed in a way that prevents moisture from entering while also shielding all cables from fire and chemical attacks.

Walton ensures that everything they employ is of the highest caliber and poses no harm to their clients. They use copper or aluminum as conductors. These are electrically highly conductible. These two metals are used to make bare wires.

The majority of the wire in Walton cables is copper. As a result of copper wires’ high density and resistance to the heating effect of electricity, your home and appliances will be safer. The majority of this heavy copper is taken out of mines. Copper is later removed from the ore and used to create the wires.

Impregnated paper, butyl rubber, polyvinyl chloride cable, polyethylene, and cross-linked polyethylene are all used as insulation. The most common cables are paper insulated ones since they can transport a lot of electricity.

Lead alloys are used to create the inner sheath, and they are designed in such a way that they can withstand the internal pressure of the cables. Non-magnetic material should always be used for this.

Last but not least, the upper sheath—which is well recognized for giving the cables mechanical strength—is comprised of a thermosetting or thermoplastic substance. This guards the cable against deterioration and harmful elements like water, corrosive material, dust, dirt, etc.

Why Choose Walton Cables?

Walton is a business that offers inexpensive, high-quality electrical wires. There are a lot of options to consider. Extremely fast and high bandwidth cables are used. Electro-magnetic interference-resistant You’ll never have to be concerned about the quality of their products because they are 100 percent authentic. Contact your neighborhood Walton store or go to their website to learn more about the cutting-edge and effective RoHS-certified electric cables. Get the best electronics from the most recognized company in Bangladesh!

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