Which Type of Walton Cables is More in Demand in Our Country?

Cables are insulated wires with a protective case covering them. They are mostly used to transmit electrical and communications signals.

Cables can connect two or more devices. Numerous types of cables are available to meet a variety of requirements. When we glance up, we can often see strands of cables used to supply energy or electricity.

These wires play a critical role in our daily lives. In this article, you shall know about the type of Walton cables which are more demanding in our country and also their importance.

Types of Cables

There are numerous sorts of cables. It’s like a big umbrella that covers a lot of ground. Among the different types of electrical wires and cables are the following:

  • Communications cable
  • Direct buried cable
  • Metal-clad cable
  • Multi-conductor or multicore cable
  • Paired cable
  • Portable cable
  • Extension cord
  • Ribbon cable

Walton’s Most Demanding Cables

All the cables of Walton are absolutely safe and certified. We produce cables which you can absolutely trust. Customers have always shown their appreciation and satisfaction for Walton cables.

These are some of the most demanding cables of Walton:

  8. NYY / NAYY


These high-quality cables are the finest of the best. These cables will ensure you 100% safety. People have bought these cables and are very much pleased with them.

These cables are safe, economical, and long-lasting so you don’t need to worry about changing them again and again.

In order to know more information about these cables, you can simply click on the links or contact us directly. We are always happy to help.

What exactly does the term “Underground Cable” mean?

Underground cable refers to a cable that is buried in the ground for the transmission and distribution of electricity. In densely inhabited places, this is employed.

Components of a Cable

A cable should include the three components listed below.

Conductor: The conducting component is utilized to transport electricity. Copper and aluminium are the most commonly utilized conductors.

Insulator: To keep the wires apart and prevent unwanted current flow routes (e.g., short circuit), the wires are protected with insulating materials. For this purpose, a variety of synthetic polymers are used.

Sheath: This is additional coverage that protects the wires from chemical reactions with the environment. PVC is a common material for the sheath (polyvinyl chloride).

Color and Cable Classification

Wires of various colors are used for various purposes. These colors of the cables are required to be known by everyone in order to be safe from any sort of mishappening. The colors in DC circuits are explained:

  1. The wires for positive current are colored red.
  2. The wires for the negative current are black.
  3. Ground wires can be white or grey.

Importance of Cables

Cables are necessary for the efficient and safe transfer of power. If a low-quality cable is used to make connections, it may break and provide a hazard.

People are at risk of being electrocuted as a result of running electricity. We frequently observe electrocuted dead birds on cables due to poor cable quality.

The low-quality cable will impede transmissions and put you at a severe disadvantage by necessitating regular cable replacement. It will also endanger the technicians who go to change the cables.

It would be even more concerning if low-quality, defective cables were installed underground. You’ll have to spend money on changing the cable, hiring professionals, and digging up the ground.

Telecommunications cables must be of good quality in order to realize our ideal of a digital country. We cannot afford to be disconnected from the World Wide Web due to defective cables in this age of knowledge and connectivity.

Powering our electrical and electronic appliances necessitates the use of running electricity. Our modern life would be severely hampered if these devices lacked power.

Our industrial production is heavily reliant on power. A brief power outage can stymie production and result in financial loss.

Poor-quality cables have a high system loss. If you utilize low-quality wires, you may receive a lower supply of electricity.

If somehow the cable is unable to produce the required voltage, the current supply will lag. Using a cable that cannot produce a sufficient quantity of voltage can cause the cable to burn out and the transmission of power to cease.

Why Purchase Cables from Walton?

Walton is Bangladesh’s leading supplier of electrical and electronic appliances. This local company has been around for decades and has created products that are designed solely for the Bangladeshi market.

We design and manufacture cables that are safe, economical, and long-lasting. Because of our exceptional quality, Walton’s cables are becoming more popular.

Walton offers the highest quality cables in Bangladesh that are built to last for many years. Walton cables have tough coverings that preserve the conductor inside.

In this manner, you can avoid the hassle of purchasing new wires and replacing old ones. Customers highly praise and recommend Walton items. We are Bangladesh’s leading cable company.

Walton provides customer assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our service professionals are always willing to help you. We send the products as quickly as possible across the country.

You can confirm your order and then wait for the delivery men to arrive at your door. Credit or debit cards, mobile banking, or cash on delivery are all acceptable methods of payment.

Better and safer transmission is ensured by high-quality cables. It is critical to purchase high-quality wires capable of efficiently transferring electricity.

Walton can provide you with cables of various types in the building wires series to meet your requirements. To order one, please visit the website or contact us directly. You can also get your cables from your nearest Walton outlet today.

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