Large deep based Walton refrigerator turned into ‘hot cake’

The refrigerator sales have soared in the outlets of electronics products before the inception of the holy Ramadan.

This year, a change in the customers’ choice has been witnessed. Now, they prefer a large deep-based refrigerator.

The customers are mostly thronging the outlets of Walton for buying its large deep-based refrigerator as there are no other brands that produce or supply such type of refrigerator.

As the buyers are now reluctant to purchase deep fridges, the demands for large deep-based refrigerators are increased abruptly across the country, the traders said.

At present, there is a large deep in the refrigerators of Walton and Marcel brands whereas such facility does not exist in the imported refrigerators. Consequently, the outlets of Walton and Marcel brands’ refrigerators are attracting customers.

Raju Ahmed, manager of Ababil Electronics at the Stadium Market of Dhaka, said recently, a trend for buying large deep-based fridges has been created among the customers.

The space deep in the imported refrigerators is not large whereas Walton and Marcel’s brands are producing such types of refrigerators in the country, he said.

Thus, the customers are showing their keen interest in the Walton and Marcel brands’ refrigerators as they would not purchase a separate deep fridge for preserving meat and fish, he added.

“Now, Walton and Marcel brands’ refrigerators are now turned into the hot cake,” Ahmed noted.

Akramuzzaman Apu, manager of Walton Plaza at Bashundhara City Complex in Dhaka, said the customers are now searching for a large deep based refrigerator after coming into the outlet.

Monir Hossain, manager of Walton Plaza at Badda in Dhaka, said Walton is capturing the entire market through producing large deep based refrigerators. Thus, the other brands are unable to compete with Walton brand’s fridge, he added.

Ashraful Ambia, executive director of the Sourcing Engineering Dept of Walton, said there is so much humidity in the weather of Bangladesh. Thus, the necessity of a deep fridge is more in Bangladesh for keeping the food fresh, he said.

Locally, the direct cooling-based refrigerators are more suitable for maintaining the food value, he said adding, thus Walton has focused on manufacturing large deep-based direct cooling or frost fridges.

Emdadul Hoque Sarkar, executive director and head of marketing of Walton Group, said the sales of refrigerators were increased than the previous year.

“We have taken extensive initiative for meeting the ever-growing demands for refrigerators centering the Ramada and upcoming Eid,” he said adding that they have already increased their stock.

This year, the company is offering a 3-year installment facility for buying the Walton brand’s fridges, he noted.

The company is also providing post-sales service in line with the ISO standard, Sarkar added.

Uday Hakim, operative director of Walton Group, said, “Considering the buying power of the country’s people, Walton is manufacturing large deep-based refrigerators with eye-catching design.”

Upgrading the quality of fridges, he said the company has already reduced the prices of its fridges so that the lower-income group’s people could buy fridges.

Walton has focused on producing large deep-based refrigerators keeping in mind that the customer, especially belonging to the lower-income group, could meet their demands for both normal and deep fridges by purchasing a fridge only, Hakim added.

To this extent, he said, “Walton is hundred percent success catering to the demands of the lower-income group.”

With a smiling face, Shapla Sharmin, who came at Walton Plaza at Kazipara in Dhaka, said she became astonished witnessing a large space deep in a normal refrigerator.

“I went to the outlets of other brands’ refrigerators, but could find no other refrigerators featured with large space for deep, she said.

In addition, the prices of Walton brand’s refrigerators are comparatively lower than the imported ones, she said adding, “Thus, I bought a Waltonbrand’s refrigerator.”

Dwelling on the quality of Walton brand’s fridges, Mostafa Mahabub Anwar Pappu, manager of Walton Plaza at Malibagh in Dhaka, said last month, he sold out 300 refrigerators but not received any post-sales service requirement from the customers.
Although the company reduced the prices of its refrigerators, it increased the product’s quality, he said.

Consequently, the customers’ faith in the Walton brand has also increased, he added.

At present, Walton has brought 30 to 35 eye-catching models of refrigerators in the market.

On the occasion of Ramadan, Walton released a new model refrigerator (254 litter). In addition, the company will also release three more new models (317 litter, 275 litter, and 295 litter) in the first week of Ramadan.

The people, ranging from lower-income groups to lower-middle, middle, and higher-income groups, can purchase the Walton brand’s refrigerators between Tk 17,990 and Tk 69,900.

Walton is using nano-particle-based ultra-modern technology in its refrigerators. There are no CFC or HCFC gases. There is an 80 percent energy-saving LED bulb and Copper Condenser in Walton fridges.

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