Common Problems of an Elevator and Their Solutions

There are a variety of reasons why an elevator may stop working properly, ranging from an outdated operating system to damaged sheaves.

Elevator failures can occur for a variety of reasons, which could be avoided if regular planned maintenance and precautionary inspections were performed.

By having your elevator evaluated on a regular basis, you can reduce the amount of downtime by increasing its productivity while also saving up to 16% on energy expenditures.

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What are the common problems of an elevator and their solutions?

Below are some of the problems you may face in an elevator and the tips to fix them up:

Problem #1: Power Failure:

Elevators demand a substantial amount of electricity from commercial and residential utility systems, so voltage modifications can have an impact on motor operations, and system updates can even harm the elevator.

Solution: Power Quality Service and thermal analysis technique:

A power quality survey should be performed on elevators that have a history of motor breakdowns or operational difficulties.

Thermal analysis techniques can detect potential trouble locations before they cause costly system failures by measuring dramatic temperature changes.

Power quality assessments can rapidly detect common issues such as over/under voltage, and infrared imaging can immediately detect hot fuses before the motor loses a phase.

Problem #2: Worn Sheaves

Worn sheaves cause excessive wear on ropes, which causes the sheaves to wear even more. This results in a destructive cycle for both key components. In a perfect scenario, an adequate inspection would prevent this, but once it does, the damage is unavoidable.

Solution: Sheave Regrooving:

To avoid early hoist rope failure, sheaves can be regrooved or replaced, therefore examine groove patterns to ensure the ropes and sheaves are a good fit. Magnetic standards and a straight edge are simple instruments that can be used to visually inspect if the grooves on the sheave are worn evenly.

Problem #3: Contamination:

Small metal particles are released into the oil as a result of wear, causing the elevator system to malfunction.

Inadequate lubrication or worn-out seals might also obstruct the efficient functioning of the elevator.

Solution: Lubrication and Oil Analysis:

Execute an oil and lubrication analysis in order to look for specific elements in the oil that could indicate pollution or wear inside a motor.

A high percentage of aluminum in the hydraulic tank of your elevator may suggest pump housing wear in a hydraulic elevator, whereas a high quantity of bronze in the gear case oil may indicate premature wear on the crown gear of a geared elevator.

Problem #4: Bearing Malfunction or Noisy Bearings:

Bearing failure is responsible for more than half of all motor failures, and vibrations inside the motor can cause noisy bearings.

While variable frequency drives can help to reduce the motor’s energy consumption, they can also introduce common mode current, a contaminant that can cause dangerous vibrations.

Solution: Inductive Absorbers:

These currents can be absorbed by an inductive absorber, which protects against potential malfunctions.

This absorber also guarantees that all grounds are linked and safe, reducing the risk of equipment being tripped by electrical noise on the ground.

Problem #5: Misaligned Motor Drive:

When another piece of equipment is connected to an electric motor, shaft alignment is crucial, as poor alignment can cause motor bearing wear.

Solution: Laser Measuring:

The use of laser measuring equipment or a straight edge and string can both be used to determine shaft alignment.

Purchasing a geared machine with a flange-mounted motor, which does not require alignment if the machine is disassembled, can eliminate the need for alignment entirely.

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