Check out the recipe for making steak using the Walton Fry Pan and make steak in no time

The pleasure of eating a perfectly cooked steak is generally understood. What do many individuals, however, not know? Cooking a steak so that it resembles the cuisine of a high-end restaurant is simple.

You can cook a fantastic steak on your stovetop with just a few ingredients and a little more time.

This simple, easy-to-follow recipe with the help of Walton Fry Pan will walk you step-by-step through the process of cooking a pan-fried steak. You’ll discover how to make soft, buttery steak at home so you can sate your appetites.

How to cook a steak using Walton Fry Pan?

Ingredients you will need:

  • Olive oil 2 tablespoons
  • Boneless red meat with 1.5 inches of thickness
  • Pepper
  • Salt to taste
  • Butter 2 tablespoons


  1. Preheat the cooking oil in your Walton frying pan before cooking.
  2. Marinate the steak with salt and pepper on both sides properly and shift it to the pan when the oil gets hot.
  3. Cook for 5-7 minutes on both sides. Then add butter and cook for 5-7 minutes on each side once again.
  4. Once it is cooked to your liking, take the steak out of your Walton frying pan and let it cool for a while. After it is cooled, cut the steak and enjoy your meal.

Which steak is best for cooking in a frying pan?

When employing the pan-searing method, choosing a boneless steak between 1 and 1 1/2 inches thick will yield the best results. We’ll discuss cutting shortly, but for now, use bigger cuts like a boneless ribeye or a strip steak. It’s going to stay juicier when cooked if the steak is thicker and has more fat.

The best steaks to cook using this method appear to have a lot of white saturated fat flowing through them.

Spending a little extra on the best steak you can get is your best option. Even if steak is more expensive than other meats, cooking it yourself will still be less expensive.

Less than an inch thick chunks of meat can also be pan-seared, but keep in mind that the cooking process will go considerably more quickly.

Have a digital thermometer on hand to efficiently cook smaller portions of steak so you don’t risk overcooking the steak.

Steaks with bones aren’t the best for pan-searing. Use your oven or grill to roast bone-in steaks to prevent uneven cooking.

No of the cut, one thing is constant: before cooking your steak, it must reach room temperature.

Allow the steak to rest for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes if it has been in the refrigerator. It will cook more evenly if you cook it at room temperature.

Benefits of cooking your steak in Walton Frying Pan

Deep-frying differs from pan-frying.

Compared to the former, deep frying needs a greater temperature. It can thoroughly cook the meat, but you may have trouble getting the desired level of doneness.

If you keep an eye on the meat when pan-frying, it can also be thoroughly cooked. Additionally, it is perfect for achieving a stunning brown char on the steak’s surface.

Deep-fried meat will have a crispy, golden outside and a juicy interior. It will be soft and golden if pan-fried. The steak will also need to be flipped once or twice during pan-frying to ensure equal cook.

  • The entire process of pan frying is quick. If the meat you are preparing is appropriate for it, that is.
  • The texture and flavor of meat are both enhanced by pan-frying. This produces a dish that looks fantastic.
  • While making the meat crispy on the outside, it keeps the flesh juicy inside.
  • Pan-frying steaks properly can keep their nutritious worth. The water in the meat is converting to steam, which is what is bubbling and hissing. But it all depends on the kind of meat you’re preparing. For instance, pan-frying tuna reduces its nutritional value by 70%. On the other hand, potato wedges that are pan-fried retain their vitamin B and C levels.

Tips for pan-frying a steak

  • Purchase only the best steaks to pan-sear. This includes those that are approximately an inch or inch and a half thick and are boneless. Strip steak and boneless rib-eye are two excellent examples. Additionally, guarantee that the meat has good marbling all around. Request fresh steaks from the butcher if you can’t find these. This is crucial because a thick steak keeps its center juicy during cooking.
  • Well-seasoned beef. To get a good crust, season it before searing. On the other hand, you can acquire a steak with extra taste by seasoning it the day before. But doing so will moisten the meat, which may stop a crust from forming.
  • With pan-fried steak, time is important. The meat needs to be cooked fast and at a high temperature. Put this on high heat and use the heaviest pan you have. When the pan begins to slightly smoke, add the meat. The beef will get a lovely crust from the high heat.
  • When pan-frying, keep the meat moving. About once every minute, rotate or flip it. The result will be an even, paper-thin crust on the outside. For a hot baste, finish by adding some butter and herbs. The meat should be basted with a big spoon to complete it. The steak should be turned over until it is finished.

Enhance your cooking skills with Walton Frying Pan

Cooking, preserving food, and cleaning are just a few home tasks that call for the usage of kitchen equipment. On the other hand, investing in kitchen appliances is without a doubt a wise decision.

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