Best 3 Walton fridges for a small family

Walton has always been the best manufacturers of fridges in Bangladesh. Walton has always been providing a huge price range for every type of fridge. Some of which may not always be the best choice for a large family.

Similarly, all of the fridges may not be suitable for a small family as well. So if you’re a part of a small family but are having a hard time choosing among all the options this article is just for you.

Things to consider when buying a fridge for a small family

  • Price range: Being a part of a small family means that most of your expenses are pretty low. At this point, it wouldn’t be the most suitable thing to spend a huge amount of your money on a fridge, even though it is a necessity. So always keep in check the price of the fridge you’re about to buy.
  • Capacity: Again, for a small family, the biggest type of refrigerator will most possibly be a waste of space.  So even if you would want to choose a bigger fridge, consider your needs accordingly first. The fridge capacity should be anywhere from 250 to 350 liters. Anything bigger than that will consume a lot more energy and waste them too.
  • Your desired features: while getting a fridge, always make sure to check all of the additional features that come with it. There’s no point in buying a fridge if there is no satisfaction for yourself.

The best type of refrigerators for a small family

Direct Cool Refrigerators are the best type of refrigerator for a small family.

There are two types of refrigerators:

  • Direct Cool Refrigerators
  • Non-frost refrigerator

The key differences between these two are- size, price, power consumption, and maintenance.

  1. Size: Direct Cool Refrigerators are smaller in size, whereas non-frost refrigerators are way larger. A direct cool refrigerator is somewhere from 330 liters to 350 liters, but a non-frost refrigerator has a capacity of around 590 to 600 liters.
  2. Non-frost refrigerators also have double doors, which means that you cannot keep your refrigerator in a small place of your house and get along with it. Whereas direct cool refrigerators have a single door so you do not have to worry about a refrigerator taking up too much space in your home.
  3. Maintenance: Direct cool refrigerators work by setting up a natural convection current, which causes frost build-up on contact with water vapor. So you may find frost build-up in your refrigerator now and then, which has to be cleaned manually.
  4. Non-frost refrigerators however have an automated frost cleaning system that automatically cleans frost if there is any build-up. This does not interfere with or harm the natural convection current in any way.
  5. Price: Direct Cool Refrigerators have a lower price than non-frost refrigerators because the former has to be cleaned manually, whereas the latter has an automatic defrosting system and is almost twice bigger. So, due to the added features and bigger size, non-frost refrigerators have a higher cost which is not suitable for a small family in any way at all.
  6. Power consumption: Direct Cool Refrigerators do not consume too much power so your electricity bills will not go overboard if you have it installed in your home.

Non-frost refrigerators, due to their size and extra features, use up about fifty percent more electricity. So it is not the most suitable refrigerator for a small family.

So, the best type of refrigerator for a small family is the Direct Cool Refrigerator.

Which company has the best fridge for a small family?

Walton produces the best fridges for a small family. They have a wide range of products with a great price range that will let you choose the one best fitted according to your desires.

Best 3 Walton refrigerators for a small family

Three of the best Walton direct cool refrigerators are listed below.

  • WFC-3F5-GDXX-XX: This refrigerator has one of the best designs of them all at the most affordable price. It has sleek tempered glass doors which you cannot scratch on easily.
  • WFE-3C3-GDXX-XX: This is also a direct cool refrigerator that comes with mesmerizing designs and amazing additional features like tempered glass door and Nano healthcare technology that will keep your fridge free of bacteria and will always keep your food fresh and healthy.
  • WFE-3A2-GDEL-XX: If you’re not the biggest fan of designed doors of refrigerators, this one is just for you. Among all the Walton direct cool fridges, this model comes with the most minimal, almost negligible design. But it does have all the amazing features of any other Walton fridge and will be the most suitable for your home if you have a small family.

All of the aforementioned refrigerators have completely affordable prices so you will not have to worry about not getting the best value for your money. Apart from that, there are a few other options for you to check out if you have a small family.

  • WFA-1N3-GDES-XX: This is a Direct Cool refrigerator with a gross volume of 193 liters. It has NANO healthcare technology that keeps your food fresh and prevents it from contamination with bacteria while ensuring that your refrigerator is ecologically safe. This refrigerator cools down your food faster and keeps it fresh for longer. It also has beautiful designs on the door, enhancing the beauty of your home.
  • WFA-1N3-GDXX-XX: It is another direct cool refrigerator that comes with amazing NANO silver healthcare technology. This ensures that no bacteria comes in contact with your food and your food stays fresh for a longer period. This refrigerator also meets the international wide climate standards for the most efficient cooling system, so your food will be fresh and cold always.
  • WFO-1A5-RXXX-XX: It is a refrigerator with a gross volume of 115 liters, which makes it perfect for a small family. It has an anti- fungal door gasket that keeps your food safe from any fungal contamination. So you can have fresh and healthy food at any time of the day.
  • WFO-1X1-RXXX-XX: This is a small refrigerator with NANO healthcare technology and an anti-fungal door gasket, which gets rid of any airborne bacteria and eliminates the risk of poisoning or rotting of your food from foreign pathogens. DECS technology in this refrigerator keeps your food fresh all day!
  • WFO-JET-RXXX-XX: This amazing Walton refrigerator comes with unique DECS technology that keeps your food fresh and better for a long time. It also has a net volume of 50 liters only, which makes it the best choice for your small family.

Why choose Walton refrigerators?

  • Walton is the greatest manufacturer of fridges of all time in Bangladesh. They use the latest Nano Health care technology in all of their refrigerators so the insides of the refrigerators are clean and bacteria-free, keeping your food fresh and healthy for you.
  • All of the Walton refrigerators have copper condensers, which are scientifically proven to cool down faster than aluminum condensers. The fast cooling process of Walton refrigerators keeps your food fresh and preserves the nutritious qualities for a longer amount of time.
  • Walton provides you with an EMI process for products worth above BDT 10,000 for up to 12 months. That way, when buying a fridge, you do not have to worry about it causing a dent in your wallet. They also provide you with a warranty lasting 12 months. So go and grab those amazing deals from the best-renowned company.
  • Walton has about 36 outlets in the entire country. So you can go and visit the showrooms and see all the refrigerators and the available options for yourself.

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